Limited Edition 25.4 Fl Oz Mauby Infused Cold Brewed Spice Tea

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Enjoy this refreshing clean and healthy beverage produced with the finest hand harvested blend of loose herbal leaves. This wonderful caffeine free blend is sure to send your taste-buds dancing with delight! 

How it's made

Still, cold brewed tea steeped for 24 hrs. for the best tasting tea, infused with Mauby bark and lightly sweetened with cane sugar

What's in it?

No artificial flavors 
Spice blend: Ginger, Cinnamon, Orange Peels & Bay Leaves 
Filtered water
Lemon juice
Vanilla extract
Cane Sugar
This package contains 1 reusable 25.4 FL Oz BPA-free glass swing top bottle


Caffeine free 
Natural energy booster without the crash 

Sustainable Sourcing 

We believe in fair trade and sustainable sourcing that's why we partnered with a women led cooperative to source all of our ingredients. Each flavor is then customized with our master blender Dr. Marie R. Laurent where each 
tea is produced all in her garden lab in Haiti.

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