While on our family vacation in Haiti, we experienced so many flavors we forgot about back in the States. Re-indulging in some of the most exotic and natural flavors, we created beautiful memories with some of our close friends and family members. We decided to continue and share that experience with everyone else through our Ready to Drink, Mabi artisanal Tea.



Mabi (pronounced “Maw-bee) Tea’s story began over 200 years ago.  Called Mauby, Mavi, or Mabi in some Latin American and Caribbean countries, it is an indigenous drink derived from the bark of the Mauby tree.  It  was consumed as a refreshing and cooling beverage against  the hot tropical sun by slaves and people of limited means.  The drink made a resurgence In the early  1900s when street merchants known as Mauby Women began selling it in Barbados.  Over the years it gained in popularity when its health benefits became recognized. 

Mauby Women

 Fast forward to the late 1990’s, Dr. Marie Roberte Laurent, a Naturopathic doctor, identified a better way to  health and wellness using natural, native medicine. She decided to take her mother’s teachings and create natural products. She started her own tea and oil company called Belzeb.

Today, Mabi Artisanal Tea uses the tea blends procured by Dr. Marie Roberte Laurent along with mauby bark and fruits to create its signature cold brew herbal teas.

The Mabi Tea company is built on the cornerstones of Purpose, People, product.


Inspired by our Caribbean heritage, we  seek to promote a healthy mind, and body, by crafting native- influenced natural beverages. We also seek to be a servant leader company, respectful of our environment, and the communities we serve.

For generations in the Caribbean, elders and matriarchs prioritized wellness, and a balance between man and nature. Their indigenous way of life has led to farming methods that were responsible, renewable and respectful of the environment. It also brought a vast knowledge of plants and herbs, and their functional and therapeutic properties.  

As a company, we lean on that cultural inheritance  to create healthy beverages steeped in both flavor and tradition. Our ingredients are natural and are packed with functional properties to  boost the immune system,  energize the mind,  and hydrate the body. 

 As a company, we  also strive to be  servant leaders.  Being a black-owned business, we understand the importance of creating economic opportunities, and empowering our local communities.  An example is our partnership with a women-led cooperative from the mountains of Haiti. Revenue collected by the co-op helps local women farmers earn an honest living wage, purchase farming equipment, attend to their family’s financial, educational and healthcare needs and plan for a better future for their community.


"We have a passion for serving people and building communities"



People, and wellness are at the center of who we are what we do. There are no strangers in the Caribbean, just people you have not yet said hello to.  The sea, sun and sand, create the perfect blend to turn any day with friends into an easygoing one where stress just melts away. A place where eating and drinking brings people together as an experience, not just for sustenance, but also enjoyment and indulgence.  Sad to say that over the past decades Many friends and family members have fallen victim to environmental illnesses due to the current modern lifestyle.   We now move at breakneck pace.  Any food or  beverage will do, because we are always on the go.  High levels of stress, high blood pressure and diabetes have become common. Mabi Artisanal Tea was created to reclaim a balance in the body.  We partnered with Dr. Marie Roberte Laurent to procure our exclusive tea blends because our beliefs align;  the pursuit of healthier and longer lives using naturopathic ways. Ones that would start healing the body with what we eat and drink.

Our beverages are low in sugar but are full of healthy benefits, and  packed with the taste of the Caribbean. If you know anything about us Caribbean folks, everything we eat must taste good and be flavorful.  If not, we will politely reject it!   


We want every can or bottle, every sip, to send positive vibes, decrease stress and increase naturopathic benefits throughout the body.


"We want our products to be a celebration of the senses and good health"

AS we said, the Caribbean is not just known for its sun and warm climate, but also for its slow paced life.  That unhurried, mellow pace is deliberate, and helps with living a less stressed, more energized lifestyle.    

Mabi Artisanal Tea has taken this approach, passed down from generation to generation, to produce a wellness, ready to drink cold brew herbal tea rich in functional properties. The raw ingredients are grown and harvested from the Caribbean mountains in Haiti.  The subtropical climate, elevations reaching  4500 feet, and temperatures ranging from 64 F to 70 F, create breezy, lazy days, ideal conditions for a fertile soil to grow herbs and botanicals rich in nutrients and flavor.  Once those  are cleaned and dried, they are drafted in small batches, cold brewed with filtered water to ensure that the ingredients preserve all their nutrients, keep their  properties and allow us to extract their full bodied flavors. 


 We blend our brew with purees of fruit , and the mauby tree bark, also exported from Haiti and surrounding Caribbean islands. There is no refining and processing, no synthesizing and chemical enhancements added to our beverages. 

It still carries the spirit of our cultural heritage; raw, natural, unprocessed.